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#711, Red:  Mi Chamocha
  (Who is like unto Thee.…)
This was said by the Israelites after G-d had rescued them at
the Red Sea.  That's why I chose to put it on the red painting.

#712, Yellow:  Kadosh (Holy)
From the Kedushah, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts;
The whole earth is full of His glory."  I liked the mystery in
the painting, itself, and the mystery in the word "Kadosh." 
I felt that the gold lettering on the modulating tones of yellow
was like a whisper.
#713, Purple:  Sim Shalom (Grant peace….)
This is toward the end of the Amidah.  A prayer for peace. 
What more to say?

#714, Blue:  Modim Anachnu Lach  (We thankfully acknowledge Thee)
Also part of the Amidah.  This is my second painting of this prayer. 
I love the part that says "Our souls are ever in the charge; Thy wonders and Thy miracles are daily with us, evening, morn and noon."

I love abstraction and the calming mystery of a certain type of color-field painting, so I thought it would be interesting to use painting as a meditation on prayer.  I started with an imperfect concept-- to use paint, color and line to grasp the ungraspable.  Imagery, I felt, could not suffice to reflect the infinite resonance of a prayer.  I began with a color and a specific prayer and let it go.  I strove to make the colors of each painting glow, reminiscent of stained glass.  I wanted the viewer to be able to get lost in the color and for each painting to have a quiet, emotive effect.  This process helped to deepen my connection to the liturgy.  I hope thatthese paintings will work the same way for those who view them.

link to "The Flemington Oratorio"
by Eric Sirota, performed at the dedication of the New FJCCbuilding

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